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ThomR.com is here to help you enjoy and realize your creative vision. We produce three main types of things: tools for creating, unique “physical abstract” photographic art, and other cool stuff people ask for.

Looking for 4CELNK Brackets?

You’ve come to the right place. ThomR.com is the originator, designer, fabricator and everything else for the 4CELNK brackets. If you’re into gaming, and looking to upgrade your Obutto™ R3volution™ rig with some sweet ButtKicker™ mini LFEs, these brackets are what you need. Compared to the ones we made in the YouTube video, they’re half the weight, and a third the price.

Creative tools

At ThomR.com, we build things that help you achieve your vision. Our tools are among the most useful and safest available. They’re hand- and machine-made right here in the United States.

Something cool coming soon!
Something cool coming soon!

Exciting times are coming, so be sure to check back often! If you’re interested staying up on new ThomR.com products, you can of course contact me directly.

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Physical abstract art

Ice and gears
Ice and gears

Inspired to look closer, see more deeply, and find what goes unnoticed by others, I developed a specialized technical photographic style. Marked by vibrant pastels and deep colors with rich internal structure, my photos are unlike any you’ll see elsewhere.

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Select project portfolio

Quite regularly, people ask for help realizing their designs, or help getting something done that’s just out of their reach (tools are expensive, but knowledge is priceless!)

BBQ spit roller plate and bail, without bearings
BBQ spit roller plate and bail, without bearings

A selection of some projects you might find interesting is in this post. At left is the main plate for ball bearing rollers for a BBQ spit. A fun little project.

For the most part, I can make more of these if you’re interested, so feel free to contact me by email at thom@thomr.com.

About Thom Randolph and ThomR.com

ThomR.com is something I’ve been contemplating for about 5 years now. It’s not a huge corporation, it’s just me giving back to the world, offering for sale things that people have said they wanted.

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