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Quite regularly, people ask for help realizing their designs, or help getting something done that’s just out of their reach (tools are expensive!) For the most part, I can make more of these if you’re interested, so feel free to contact me by email at

Buttkicker mini LFE / Obutto R3volution brackets

Here’s a recent example where Barnacules Nerdgasm, a YouTube hero, needed some brackets made for his car-racing simulator system. We custom-designed and machined these out of aluminum, making some ultra-sturdy brackets, with some cool, custom engraving, and then we put together a cool video showing how it all came together. If you’re interested in a set, these don’t come cheap, but they are really cool, and will rock the house!

ButtKicker Mini LFE brackets with custom Barnacules Nerdgasm engraving for the Obutto R3volution racing simulator frame.
ButtKicker Mini LFE brackets with custom Barnacules Nerdgasm engraving for the Obutto R3volution racing simulator frame.

If you’re interested in a set, or you want ones that fit the 80/20 extrusions used in 4PlayRacing sim frames, just drop me a note,

Update: I’ve redesigned these to create the 4CELNK product. At 1/2 the weight, much simpler, fewer nuts-and-bolts needed, and at 1/3 the original price, there’s finally an easy way to mount them. Check out all the details.

Custom computer heatsink mods

C.A. Grimes in southern Washington contacted me a while back with a problem he was having trouble solving. Being an avid gamer, high-performance graphics isn’t just a goal, it’s a necessity. Keeping all that cool, while avoiding the incessant fan noise, was his goal. The only problem was that the aftermarket heatsinks he got just didn’t quite mate up with the Thermosphere liquid-cooling blocks. D’oh!

Nothing that couldn’t be solved with a little custom machining, right? So, he shipped them up to me here near Seattle, and in with a bit of measuring and double-checking, I put them in my CNC machine, and moved metal so it all fit together.

Custom graphics card heatsink modification to fit it with a liquid-cooling module.
On the CNC: custom graphics card heatsink modification to fit it with a liquid-cooling module.

Again, if you’re interested in having me make some cuts, and don’t want to hire an entire machine shop ($$$!), then reach out: I’m sure we can figure out something that works.

It’s been a busy time since I last updated the projects portfolio. Just for reference and future updates, here is a list of the fun I’ve been having:

CategoriesProject NameComments
SShark Talk Support forumsHelping others in a most bodacious way
SPNWCNC ClubA bunch of good guys
3TAZ 4 enclosureFun and cheap enclosure without the rigid and expensive acrylic
EGCodeSplit and GCodeShim toolsGCode processing utilities
EPart numbering / FQBIFully Qualified Build ID...what?
M, P4CELNK bracketsIn 3 styles: Mini-LFE for Obutto; TST239s and BKLFEs for 80-20 rigs
F, MRifle cartridge engravingA fun project in brass
MLCD Balancing MountA quick little thang
MSpindle Mount and new designWill include the super-simple original mount plate
M, 3, EPilotFish power control unitThe whole system, and she's a doozie!
F, MMy Tummy plaqueA fun engraving and epoxy mess-making project
3, M, PLaser Cooler BlockTime to accept it's not likely to achieve reality
E, M, PStatic control kitSo simple, yet so dumb NWA didn't think of it first.
F, MBBQ Spit-rollers
M, 3CNC work lightingUnder-spindle is the way to go
AArtwork platform and resultsAll about the ice
ECNC Mister / SpritzerA little bit of automation and solenoids can make a big difference
EAlarm and Surveillance systema monstrously good project
E, AFrankenlight and the black panelHow to view prints for REAL
M, ADragknifeA great idea brought down by the physics of inertia
MCabinet doors for the alarm systemcustom welded, with machined cutting-board panels
M, AMacro Photography TableA welded thing before
MCustom heatsinks...wait...didn't I already do this one?
ECNC Computer architectureNot your normal setup


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