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At, we build things that help you achieve your vision. Our tools are among the most useful and safest available. They’re hand- and machine-made right here in the United States. At this time, due to FDA regulations, we can’t really give details on even what we’re making, but I can provide a photo of a non-working prototype.

Something cool coming soon!
Something cool coming soon!

Exciting times are coming, so be sure to check back often! Over the last six-months or so, I’ve posted more than a few items showing the development process that’s gotten us this far. It’s been an amazing learning experience, with lots of successes and bonehead mistakes, err, lessons learned.

If you’re interested staying up on this new product, especially in eventually purchasing one, you can of course contact me directly. There will likely be a KickStarter campaign at some point, but something of this type has pretty steep regulatory requirements. Thus the somewhat hush-hush nature of what we’re doing here. But, I can assure you, this is one cool tool!


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